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2012 DSA Annual Meeting Speech

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Charles & Colvard Appoints Anne M. Butler, Former Vice Chairman of Direct Selling Association, to Board of Directors

MORRISVILLE, N.C., Jun 13, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Charles & Colvard, Ltd. (nasdaq global select market:CTHR), the sole manufacturer of created moissanite gemstones, The Most Brilliant Jewel in the World(R), today announced the appointment of Anne M. Butler to its Board of Directors.

As a leading executive in the direct selling industry, Anne Butler has successfully run global businesses for Avon Products, Inc., Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc., and PartyLite Gifts, Inc. ("PartyLite"). Since January 2012, Ms. Butler has served as CEO of Butler Advisors, while also serving as Senior Advisor to the Chairman of Blyth, Inc. ("Blyth"). From May 2007 to January 2012, she served as President of PartyLite, a home fragrances and accents direct selling business. She also served on the Board of ViSalus Sciences, the weight loss and fitness direct sales subsidiary of Blyth. Ms. Butler currently serves on the Board of the Direct Selling Education Foundation, and this month concluded two years of service as Vice Chairman of the Board of the Direct Selling Association.

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Why Venture Capital & Private Equity Are Investing In Direct Selling

In a CEO-only Investor Forum at the 2012 DSA Annual Meeting, we heard from a few experts what private equity and venture capital investors look for in a direct selling company's metrics, milestones, size and profitability. They also told us why they are investing. 

Here are some of the comments from Frank Schiff (pictured left), managing director at MidOcean Partners, which invested in Legal Shield, a direct selling company.  Frank represented the private equity interests. 

 First, private equity is looking for companies in the hundreds of millions of dollars that deliver on a compelling value proposition.  They look for the most experienced, not necessarily the smartest, people in the industry. 

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4 Leadership Principles George W. Bush Discussed At The 2012 DSA Annual Meeting

You don't expect to be praising Former President George W. Bush's speaking skills to an audience of direct sellers at the 2012 Annual Meeting of the DSA, earlier this month. 

But praise him I must, as he not only gave insights to some of his major life decisions, but he did so with passion & conviction.  He was in rare form on Monday morning, June 4th, hardly waiting for the questions to be asked by moderator Doug DeVos, President of Amway.  He was in a hurry to get the thoughts completed and out there,  so that he could elaborate on further examples of what he meant.   With a keen sense of humor even when talking about serious decisions, he was entertaining and instructional.  Many of his words of wisdom apply to leaders running businesses today. 

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3 Things To Think About When Choosing A Compensation Plan

You have decided on the mission, and the product line is set and priced.  Now, to the critical part: how will you reward people who join your company and work hard at adding sellers to your company and their network?

Are you going to start an Opportunity Company?  Take a look at the compensation plan you plan to use, and decide what role you want it to play, or the Consultant you hire may decide that for you.

And if you choose the wrong plan, all your hard work may fall on deaf, or few, ears.  Here are three things to think about when crafting a compensation plan:

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3 Ways Direct Selling Consultants Waste Your Money

You want to increase recruiting but don't know which lever to pull to make it happen.  Or maybe you believe your compensation plan could turn around recruiting but need help fashioning a new plan.  Or, if your business slowed down and you want to ramp it back up so your Consultants don't lose money and look at other options, you are probably considering hiring one of the familiar direct selling consultant firms who have been serving the industry.

Here are three things to watch out for when hiring a consultant to analyze your situation and make recommendations:

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My Final Message To PartyLite RVP's and Leaders

After 12 wonderful years at PartyLite, I will be leaving my assignment as your President of PartyLite Worldwide this month. As some of you already know, family obligations will increasingly require my attention in Spain.

At the same time, opportunities have arisen that are right for this stage in my life. When I approached Bob Goergen about this change, he was very understanding, and he has helped me make this transition.

I want to thank Bob for entrusting PartyLite Worldwide to me for the last almost five years, for his guidance and for

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