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Direct Selling Angel Investors: Focus On Profit

I was doing some searching on Google today, and stumbled onto something I wrote for The World of Direct Selling back in July last year.  The reason I'm posting this, is that it is extremely relevant to a conversation I had with an investor of a direct selling startup the other day.  

“As an angel investor in direct selling start ups, my main focus is profit. Profit Euros or Dollars, not profit percentage. Profit is the oxygen for any business. I don’t look for explosive growth. Most explosive growth opportunities went through an incubation process. They usually took many years to become what they are today. If a company focuses on having profit, then the business will pay for its own self-discovery costs, and they can take the time they need to realize their most powerful value proposition. I also gauge the entrepreneur I invested in. Are they laser focused on the few things that will make them successful? Are they wasting money? Have they tacked on too much overhead, and deprived the company of a quicker break-even point, or more investment for higher revenue? The efficient allocation of money is an art, and I’m looking for Da Vincis!” - A.Butler

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