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Herbalife Prepares Counter-Attack On Bill Ackman

Unless you've been living under a rock, you are aware of  the HerbaLife/Ackman drama that has been playing out in the financial media recently.  Since the Ackman assault on Herbalife as a pyramid scheme,  HerbaLife's Chairman/CEO Michael Johnson has been defending his company reputation.  

Herbalife has been playing defense for about a month now, and after a rollercoaster ride, the stock seems to have reached its pre-Ackman drama level.  

But now, it seems the multi-level company is about to counter-attack.  Word leaked late last night that HerbaLife had purchased three domain names: 


All three websites are blank as of this writing.  But you can expect Michael Johnson to deliver his counter-attacking message through those sites, and any other channel he can.  

The strategy Bill Ackman is using to buy ads (via Google AdWords) to promote his own website "" is clearly meant to dissuade new recruits from joining the company,  thereby attempting to stunt Herbalife's stunning growth under Johnson's leadership.  

During a telephone interview, Mr. Ackman was informed of Herbalife's new domain name purchases, and said “What legitimate company would do something like that,” he said yesterday. “The spotlight is on HerbaLife and they are doing everything they can do to turn it away”.  

Carl Icahn may have been right on CNBC last Friday, when he claimed that Mr. Ackman is like the crybaby in the schoolyard.


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