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Carl Icahn Accuses Bill Ackman Of Manipulating HerbaLife Stock Price Due To A "Bad Year"


If you missed CNBC's segment with Bill Ackman & Carl Icahn about twenty minutes ago, I was able to get the entire exchange down quickly from CNBC's website.  It was a classic.  Two billionaire heavyweights battling it out on live tv, with Icahn cursing a few times, and even accusing the show's host of bullying him.  

Icahn made a great point, in that Bill Ackman strategically took down HerbaLife's stock just at the last minute in 2012, because their portfolio (Pershing Square Capital Management) was having a bad year.

Ackman also claimed that "we have not covered our short on HerbaLife".  Which would make me terrified personally if I had ANY money with Bill Ackman's fund this morning.  Bill Ackman is clearly playing russian roulette with his fund's money now.  

Is this the beginning of a billionaire's meltdown?  Clearly Mr. Ackman did not need to do this tv appearance, if he were so sure of this bet.  

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