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How To Get 546 Leads In Seven Days With A Simple Landing Page Using Video

If you are thinking about becoming involved in a direct selling investment, I always recommend you test the concept by testing its value proposition in Google Adwords.  If there is little interest, then your loss is only the investment you made in the AdWords ads.  If it's a hit, then you will be more confident with the idea, and the investment.  Allow customers to help you decide whether to proceed or not.   

This advice also applies to established businesses.  Before I work on a project to help companies,  I may begin by testing my own ideas for their current and new value propositions (at my own cost) by going to the customer first.  This is a simple way to determine how I can help them.  It also makes me feel "All-In", like Management.  And they appreciate it.  


Video grabs a customer's attention faster and better than copy.  Stop spending your creative group's time writing paragraphs and headlines for print pieces that will try to persuade potential customers.  No one is reading it anymore.  Instead, try video.  

Video is extremely effective.  Video helps convert leads on Landing Pages by up to 130% (Marketing Tech).  Invest in a video camera with good resolution and high quality sound.  They are not expensive these days.  I suggested this to an entrepreneur the other day and let him know that no amount of well crafted words would replace his enthusiasm on camera.

We setup a simple landing page that would capture email addresses in exchange for the information he was describing on camera (whitepaper).  This is the best way to begin a conversation with a potential customer online.  You can't ask a customer to marry you right away!  Too many marketers make this mistake.  First, you flirt.  See what the interest is.  Share some information with your potential customer and you will get their email in return.   

We used HubSpot to manage this for us.  HubSpot has an excellent Lead Nurturing Campaign Management program to use after collecting emails.  I view each of those emails as an asset.  It's the beginning of a relationship.  You can now carefully craft your messages to include YouTube videos, or more free whitepapers to further move the Lead through the sales funnel.  

Test Your Value Proposition

  1. Create a 1-2 minute video that explains your company's Value Proposition.
  2. Create a 1-3 page Whitepaper (PDF) in exchange for an email address.
  3. Create a simple Landing Page using HubSpot (include video) and an email collection widget.
  4. 4 to 6 AdWord Ads that test a new Powerful Value Proposition.
  5. Let those Ads run!
  6. At the end of each day, eliminate the Ad with the lowest Click Through Rate (CTR). 
  7. At the end of each day, choose the Ad with the best CTR rate.  Make it better.  

As you can see by the results above, we got a lot of interest in our Ads.  After the first day we realized that one of the Ads was outperforming the others by far.  This was due to the specificity of the language the Ad contained. So we eliminated the other five ads, and we focused on the language of the outperforming Ad. 

We refined, and tested for the last few days of the week.  The Leads became more targeted.  They were better quality, and converted with much higher levels of interest.  The trick is to keep testing.  Test every word, until the CTR rate is 10 times better than your first run.

While you are testing, you will discover the most influential value proposition,  and therefore focus, your team will have.   

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