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3 Simple Reasons To Invest In Mobile For 2013

These days you hear a lot about the importance of mobile phones, the effect it is having on how we use the web, and therefore, the change it is bringing with it regarding how people interact with your company.  

For many people, mobile phones are the only connection they have with the internet. That's important to note primarily for marketers, because it's their only channel to interact with your company.  

Since I travel so often, my mobile phone is the primary way that I browse the web when I'm away.  And even when I'm home, the importance of mobile-ready websites is ever growing when it comes to local businesses.  I discovered a new restaurant last week using Google Maps, and viewed their menu before deciding to dine there.  

In my opinion, there are 3 simple reasons a company should invest in their mobile presence:

  • The large and growing number of mobile phone users
  • The ability to attract potential clients vs. not having a presence
  • The ability of customers to find local businesses and patronize them

I went Google Analytics for my own website to see just how important mobile was to my own business, and I was pleasantly surprised.  Below is a snapshot of September's numbers.  As you can see, there wasn't much activity until after Labor Day, then it rose.  Mobile "hits" were 21% of total so far this month.  

And Apple is clearly the king of mobile phones. Mobile Analytics 

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