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8 MLM Companies With Monster Growth In 2012

One of the several ways I like to analyze a company is to see how consistent the web traffic is.  It's one thing to have a good month, or a great quarter, but "monster growth" is about just how well your message is catching fire over time.  Web traffic is a reliable indicator for this, especially when it shows an exploding trendline.     

All of the companies included here are showing important growth over last year.  I have only displayed their web traffic to show this, not revenue.

"The aim of all marketing, is to know the customer so well the product sells itself" - Peter Drucker

The graphs below measure "unique visitors".  Every company has added a minimum of 80% growth over last year to their website.  In some cases, they have up to 2,600% growth over last year.  In every case, 90% of the unique visitors have visited the websites through organic traffic, not paid traffic.  

My It Works

Legal Shield


Organo Gold

Life Vantage

 Jamberry Nails

Paparazzi Accessories


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