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Analyzing The World's #1 Video Landing Page

I tried to pre-order Apple's new iPhone 5 yesterday, and found out it had sold out in 1 hour!  Wow.  Then I found myself browsing,  and realized that the homepage itself was a cleverly designed video landing page for the iPhone 5!  

I had been preparing a blog post about video landing pages, but I decided to put that on hold and run with this instead.  

I love Apple's website.  It's clean and simple to navigate.  I love the blue buttons, the fonts; it must be the most beautiful site on earth.  But not just because it is beautiful, but because it's effective.  Consider this: 

1. DESIGN begins with a clean white canvas (for SEO purposes, keep in mind that Google loves white space).   The Navigation Bar is as minimal as they can make it, and runs across the top so it doesn't get in the way.  Even the "Home" button doesn't say "Home".  It simply shows the logo.  But most importantly: It doesn't allow for distractions.  Apple wants you to be focused on what THEY want you to see.  


Apple always includes life-sized pictures of the iPhone, and iPods.  It really feels like you can reach out into the screen and touch it.  The simple & clean white canvas background helps the image "pop out".


The headline is simple with a gorgeous font.  "iPhone 5".  Hover over it with your mouse, and it acts like your Call To Action (CTA) to see more details, or features for it.  


It wouldn't be a video landing page without some video.  Here we have two options.  We can either see the extended version of the announcement, or Jonny Ive's (Apple's infamous lead designer) introduction for the iPhone.  Both videos convinced me to purchase one.  Video works.  

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