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How To Win Friends, And Influence Fans To Join Your Company 

If you check your Facebook page as most of the 900 Million users do, you will often see companies that advertise on the right-hand side of the page.  Because I am a fan of many direct selling companies,  I often see party plan companies trying to get my attention with their ad.  That doesn't phase me.

What does bother me, however, is the number of party plan companies that are trying to advertise to another company's fans for recruiting purposes only.  In some, if you click on their display ad, it will immediately take you to their "Become a Consultant" web page.  

What a waste of money.  And really, these companies' managers would never do it if they had to sign their names to the ads.  Consider a better way.

Customer. Host. Consultant.

There is a step-by-step process in direct selling recruiting that can't be leapfrogged.  Direct selling professionals will tell you that their Customer is their next Host, and their Host is their next Consultant.  People have to like your brand before they fall in love with it enough to sell it.  Those who love your company's products are the ones you should ask to Host a party.  When they see the benefits of Hosting, then you should speak to them of the part-time opportunities in your company.  

Companies today are trying to skip these crucial steps so that they can sell Kits.  Kit sales do not automatically equal a great and growing direct selling company.  But Brand Evangelists do.  And you can't get that in one day. It takes a little more time.  

What's my suggestion?  

Advertise to YOUR Facebook Fans.  Grow from within.   

Stop advertising to your competitor's fans.  Worry about your own business.  Advertise to your own fans.  Grow from within.  Make the core stronger, and the message will travel farther.  There is great value in growing the community you have, as the motivation and inspiration it engenders will feed new growth from within.  Spending time and money trying to convince someone who hasn't heard of your party plan company to start selling your products is very expensive, and not as efficient.  Can it work?  Maybe.  But will that person stay past a week or a month? Most likely not.   Because there is not the lasting connection of the sponsoring Consultant, Host experience.

Grow your community and make sure their commission checks and customer shipments are on-time. Provide good logistical support and be consistent.  You are providing an earning opportunity.  

Trust me, focusing on your fan base is a safer investment of your time and money.  And it's ethical.  

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