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2012 DSA Annual Meeting Speech

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How Powerful Is Your Value Proposition?

Starting Butler Advisors, and not a consulting company, has given me the opportunity to partner with CEOs of direct selling companies large and small.  They are able to leverage my general management, marketing, sales and global operations expertise.  And I am able help them with their value proposition.  

 Taking an equity position, and joining the Board of Directors, are two ways that have allowed me to become part of the management team, with a horse in the race.

What I have found is that most companies, especially startups, need to examine and re-examine their value proposition.  And this exercise is usually best done with someone outside the organization,  who is looking at the forest rather than in the weeds of the day to day.  Why do companies find this exercise so difficult, nearly impossible to do?  Because they already have a value proposition and it must be right, right?  It worked for the past years, why would it have to change?  Or, it costs too much to have someone look at it (and it will if nothing is done with the analysis afterwards).  

When a consultant is hired for the task, how does management know they are getting the best value for the money?  It becomes a task similar to hiring a contractor: you get a materials and labor cost, then the profit markup.  It can be steep, and then there is no skin in the game for the consultant after the assignment, unless the consultant is charged with implementation, which again, is costly.

What Is A Value Proposition?

Dr. Flint McGlaughlin of MEC LABS defines it as the answer to this question: Why should your ideal prospect buy from you rather than any of your competitors?  So, your Value Proposition is not a catchy slogan or a detailed business plan, but rather a concise, clear, and credible answer to this question.

It's the best answer I have found.  The work Dr. McGlaughlin and his team at MEC LABS are doing is some of the most exciting analysis of modern marketing I've seen.  He is the mad scientist of marketing.  

 Dr. Flint McGlaughlin

How Powerful Is YOUR Value Proposition?

If you are a direct selling company, and would like a free analysis in finding your most powerful value proposition, we are looking for companies large or small that are interested in being case studies.  Call us directly at (212) 203-5521 or leave a comment on the bottom of this post.  

Sometimes the only way to think outside the box, is to get someone who already is.  

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