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2012 DSA Annual Meeting Speech

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4 Leadership Principles George W. Bush Discussed At The 2012 DSA Annual Meeting

You don't expect to be praising Former President George W. Bush's speaking skills to an audience of direct sellers at the 2012 Annual Meeting of the DSA, earlier this month. 

But praise him I must, as he not only gave insights to some of his major life decisions, but he did so with passion & conviction.  He was in rare form on Monday morning, June 4th, hardly waiting for the questions to be asked by moderator Doug DeVos, President of Amway.  He was in a hurry to get the thoughts completed and out there,  so that he could elaborate on further examples of what he meant.   With a keen sense of humor even when talking about serious decisions, he was entertaining and instructional.  Many of his words of wisdom apply to leaders running businesses today. 


Know what you don't know.  It is not easy to know that, and act on it.  Surround yourself with experts in what you don't know, and have the confidence to listen and make the decision.


Stand for something.  Don't waste time vascillating, deciding the "cost" of a decision.  Do, and stand for, what you believe is right.  No matter the cost.  Not everyone will agree.  But everyone will always know where you stand. 


A free economy can be broken down into its simplest terms: The people decide what to make (manufacture or import).  In China of a few decades ago, everyone wore the colorless Mao jacket.  Today, people dress in colorful garb in a variety of styles.  The people decide what sells, through the free market.  It also means if a company experiences consistently declining sales, are the people deciding?


Ask the tough questions.  When Laura Bush asked George during his drinking days to name a day he had not gotten through to the end without a drink, it really made him think.  He was sure he could name a recent one, and when he couldn't, he struggled to remember any day in the past that he had.  That question began the decision making process to turn his life around.

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