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How Direct Selling Companies Can Use Transactional Emails To Boost Sales Overnight

Many years ago, my husband's family owned a successful textile shop in a small city in north-western Spain.  It was a very busy shop, with 8 sales people jammed behind a small counter.  Once you had selected your item, you would have to go to the cash register to pay.  Behind the cash register sat Pilar, my mother-in-law.  

She was a charismatic woman who controlled every peseta that went into the register, and tried her darndest to hold on to all the ones that left.  The register was her domain.  Not even her husband, Mariano, could remove her from her unelected position.  

Yet, what the customer never realized, was that Pilar was the best salesperson on the floor.  I personally saw her upsell hundreds of times.  She was amazing.  

Pilar's Simple Lesson

When a customer is finished shopping, it doesn't mean she wants to stop buying!

The Email Marketing Challenge

It's harder and harder to reach your customers' inbox, no matter how much they love you.  Consumers have become ruthless with their attention.  40% of people think they receive too much email!  They love you - but don't want to hear from you.  Kind of like your kids.  They want to interact with your organization on their terms.  So management executives must regain their attention, in order to market successfully.  If you aren't playing offense, you're losing.  It's that simple.  

The Solution

The Transactional Email is the most opened email your organization will send.  Open rates reaching anywhere from 70%-90%, as opposed to the 13% your marketing emails are more likely receiving.  If you can make even a little more money for free (from existing sales) then always do that first.  

Four Popular Transactional Emails  

  1. Opt-In Emails
  2. Welcome Emails
  3. Thank You Messages
  4. Order Shipment Emails 

How To Organize Your Transactional Email 

  1. Required Email Content : Important Info - don't send SPAM 
  2. Promotional Content : Make sure it's visible immediately upon opening

Must Haves For Effective Transactional Emails

  • HTML Only (spend your graphic design budget here)
  • Personalizaton is a must!
  • Cross Sales & Limited Time Offers!  Sell, sell, sell!!!

How To Get Better

  • Split A/B Testing of HTML Copy- Always TEST!  
  • Try Moving Dead Inventory To Measure Effectiveness & For Cash Flow
  • Ask For Video Testimonials (the gold bullion of every business)
  • Get Consultants to automatically Opt-In clients by asking for emails to send receipts!

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