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7 Direct Selling Companies For Me

Peddling wares has a long history.  Direct selling companies, a modern day derivative, have allowed sellers to take on less (inventory) risk, and to promote a reliable and recognizable brand to consumers.  One of the first such companies, Avon, was founded over a hundred years ago and relied on its first seller, Mrs. Albee, to test the market and sell fragrance door to door. In the ensuing years, and to this day, direct sellers are mainly women.  This is in part due to the fact that women need the flexibility of the part time work that direct selling companies offer, and because of, or maybe as a result of that fact, the product lines, e.g., jewelry, cosmetics, are geared to be sold by women.  

However, these days more men have entered the direct selling world, as both traditional companies and new MultiLevelMarketing (MLM) companies have made a distinct effort to appeal to men.  Even product lines previously sold almost exclusively by women are now not only sold by men, but men are achieving the highest sales levels previously completely dominated by women.  Men are selling energy drinks, weight loss and meal replacement products, candles and accessories, housewares, and many are finding they are well suited to the occupation.  Some are even earning six figures in the process.  Below are some of the companies that are attracting men these days.


PartyLite Gifts


ViSalus Sciences





Team National

Wine Shop at Home

 Ambit Energy


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