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CEO School: Choose A Bold Mission

CEO School is a series of posts that are aimed at helping founders of direct selling startups with the principles of knowledge they must possess in order to build a successful direct selling business.  This is Part 3 of 23.

Felix Baumgartner has a bold mission.  On October 14, he will attempt to break three world records as he jumps from the edge of space: the highest freefall leap; the fastest speed ever achieved by a human; and to become the first person to break the sound barrier of around 690 miles per hour in freefall.

CEOs with a bold mission rally their teams around a purpose that unites and energizes them.  The mission may not be as spectacular as Baumgartner's, but it may be more influential on the world's inhabitants for its impact and reach.

"I want to put a ding in the universe" - Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs created an Apple nation around the world through his incredible products.  There is no doubt he put that ding in the universe. 

What is your company's bold mission, and how are you measuring progress against it?  If you think bold missions are for the bold few, think again.  Consider Mary Kay's bold mission through the years of empowering women.  Think of ViSalus' bold mission to help people change their lives through their Challenge.  Consider Avon's bold mission of creating awareness of breast cancer through their Foundation.

Consider the latest bold mission expressed in this video by Cindy Monroe, CEO, of Thirty-One Gifts.  In it, she outlines her company's mission through establishing a Foundation dedicated to empowering women and young girls with tools to change their lives and build self esteem.   

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