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3 Ways Direct Selling Consultants Waste Your Money

You want to increase recruiting but don't know which lever to pull to make it happen.  Or maybe you believe your compensation plan could turn around recruiting but need help fashioning a new plan.  Or, if your business slowed down and you want to ramp it back up so your Consultants don't lose money and look at other options, you are probably considering hiring one of the familiar direct selling consultant firms who have been serving the industry.

Here are three things to watch out for when hiring a consultant to analyze your situation and make recommendations:


The consultant you hire should always be looking at your company's value proposition, and looking for ways to enhance it.  You started your company at a time when your proposition, your product, had a lot of value, and less competition than it has today.  Does it still have the same value?  More?  Or less?  Do you need to do some things differently because of external factors, not internal factors?  If your Consultant is not viewing this first and foremost, you are less likely to receive a comprehensive roadmap to improve your business.


If your consultant is pointing out how your training program should be much better to improve recruiting numbers, and he/she has just the program that was developed for other companies, this consultant just may be fitting your problem to his/her company's solution that has made that company a lot of money, but not necessarily solved any issues.  Don's major in minors.  You have a limited amount of money to effect real change and make a difference to your bottom line, and unless you have deep pockets, you can't do everything.  Even trying to get your limited staff to concentrate on minors AND majors is counterproductive.  Use your money on what you really need, not on what you could do on your own, or leave for another day.  


If your consultant is not suggesting vital technology improvements for your field to manage their business and engage new customers, you are not getting the best, up-to-date thinking for tomorrow's mobile world.  Some leading edge new companies are already labeling their systems old, and are getting ready for the next level.  Other companies are issuing press releases about the new technology they are using for their field.  Customers expect to deal easily with a company, and the easier it is, the more they will see it is easy to transition to become a seller of the product the company offers.  So, while all problems are not solved by technology, many problems can be traced to not having forward thinking technology support in the business.

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